Ca-No Chance At A Title Anytime Soon

Now this isn’t coming from a bitter place. I’m not torn apart or disgruntled by the
fact that Robinson Cano left the Yankees for Seattle. This is merely me giving my
opinion on the facts presented in front of me. One of Cano’s reasons for
leaving the Bronx was because of wanting to be a franchise player. In Seattle
that will without a doubt be a reality for Cano. But winning a world championship
is far out of Cano’s reach on the Mariners. The Mariners are smack dab in the
middle of a very competitive American League West division. Texas and Oakland are
contenders, with Anaheim right behind them. Cano just is not enough to overcome
the talent of those teams. Cano was not good because only because he played
with star players. However, he will need some help to overcome the American
League West. Something that just is not available in Seattle just yet.

And then there was none.

No more trots out to shortstop. No more hearing the voice of Bob Shepard. No more plays made that should not have been made. No more jump throws. No more dives into the first row of Yankee stadium. No more clutch hits. No more postseason heroics. No more Mr. November. No more dynasty. No more core four. No more Captain. No more number 2.